Hello! In this article I propose a fundamental exercise to increase the elasticity of your legs: this will come in handy when you have to use Krav Maga techniques to kick your attacker.

In fact, kicks are a very effective self-defense technique but despite it may seem very easy to kick you haven’t to forget that in the street you don’t wear always T-shirts and short trousers but you usually wear long trousers, maybe tight, jacket, you cannot “warm up” your muscles, etc. So kick techniques have to be easy to do because you will certainly be under stress during an attack and then you can slip on the floor or your leg could be grabbed by the attacker and you could fall on the ground with very dangerous consequences (imagine several attackers around you…). The most effective kick techniques in Krav Maga are intended for: groin, ankles, knees, stomach. Higher kicks are too difficult to apply in the street. A low kick allows you to easily solve an aggression because you keep your balance better. Furthermore, a frontal kick to the groin is extremely effective and does not require great muscle elasticity. Anyway, elasticity becomes essential for Krav Maga students and for people want always be ready in every situation. But how do we increase our muscle elasticity if we are not professional athletes who train their legs very hard?

Let’s see step by step how to do:

  1. Evaluate the current elasticity of your legs. Lie down on your back and get your leg straight as close as you can to your chest.
  2. Get the muscle tired. You have to work with a partner: he will apply to your leg a constant pressure (for 10/15 seconds) by pushing it towards your head, you will naturally have to resist. Once the pressure has stopped, let the leg rest for about 30 seconds and then start the exercise again until a total of 5 repetitions. The goal of this exercise is to tire the muscle because, when you work to increase your muscle elasticity, the muscles automatically go into survival mode, offering the necessary resistance to avoid injuries. So to cancel this automatic resistance effect you get the muscles exhausted to don’t resist. Now your muscle will not resist anymore and you can go deeper into the exercise.
  3. Let’s compare now. Repeat step 1 and you will see the improvement!


Naturally this exercise must involve both legs.

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