Hello everyone! In this article I would like to present you several exercises in order to develop these basic points:

  1. How to develop your physical capacity.
  2. How to prepare your body to all kind of situations.
  3. How to develop conditions movements in order to increase your defense.

Efficient and explosive punches

How to give devastating punches? We know very well in Krav Maga punches are very important: we use them all the time, sometimes with open hands or different part of the fist but always with the same movement.

Despite many people think punches are based on power, power is important but it is not everything! The most important aspect is the speed and the combination of speed and power bring to the explosivity.

I would like to present you some exercises to develop the explosivity of your punches:

  • Regular push-ups.
  • Diamond push-ups.
  • Push-ups with the partner that holds your legs.
  • Superman push-ups: the best exercise to develop the explosivity.
  • Blue-Elastic workout: very important to train your punches technique with the use of all your body mass (chests, legs, hip rotations and, most important, shoulders) and not only the arm mass. In this exercise firstly you have to take your shoulder inside and then release the punch.

Strong 360° defenses

How to develop a good 360° defence.

This is a Krav Maga instinctive defense against circular attack: from the up, the side, the bottom…

You have to prepare your shoulders by some specifics exercises:

  • Handstand push-ups (with a partner)
  • Push-ups combination:
    • from the diamond push-ups position jump with your arm in a regular push-ups position
    • go down with your elbows in order to have your forearms on the floor
    • come in the diamond position and restart.
  • Crunches with a partner + 360° defense

Abdominal strenght

How to increase the strength of the abdominal mass.

Abdominals are the second muscle used every time: for example if you take something you will use firstly the muscles of your arm but the other muscles used will be the abdominals.

You have to prepare your abdominal mass by some specifics exercises:

  • Crunches (in different way)
  • Crunches with a partner

Breakfalls body strenght

How to increase the strength of your body and the feeling of a breakfall.

When many people train the breakfalls they sit on the ground and then they hit the ground with their hands very strong. This is not a good exercise to simulate a real breakfall. When you fall in a real situation you have not control so your hands have to touch the ground before your back and not like you see n some dojos where people put firstly the back on the ground and then the hands… Remember: when you are falling you have to put in the first position your hand so the pain and the shock of the fall go to your hands and not to your back. 

You have to prepare your body by this exercise:

  • With a partner like a crunch position you have to stand up, punch and fall down. And repeat: standing up, falling…

Stick defense leg strength

How to increase your legs strength and improve your stick defense technique.

You have to prepare your body by this exercise:

  • A partner on the ground and you in a stand position. Your partner puts his feet on your chest. Then you have to break the distance by falling: your partner will train his legs and will simulate a stick attack while you reach him so you have to train your stick defense during the falling. In this exercise you have to feel the falling.

Solid triceps defense absorption

How to increase your triceps strength in order to defend yourself against kicks.

You have to prepare your triceps strength by this exercise:

  • Put distance between your legs and the back of your partner (that is in a cat position on the ground) and then perform tricep dips by lowering yourself until your elbow forms a 90 degree angle.

Hamstring knee attack

How to develop your stability, hamstring and knee attack.

Try this exercise:

  • Your partner in cat position on the ground and you in a stand position, back versus your partner and one of your feet on his back. Then you have to low yourself on the other leg and stand up  with a knee attack. Remember: for a great knee attack you have to take your hip outside.

Most valuable general workout

From my point of view one of the best exercises is the pull up:

  • When you go up your biceps work and when you go down your triceps work. During the exercise your abdominal muscles work too.

Don’t forget in Krav Maga is very important the explosivity so when you go in a gym don’t do too much heavyweight exercises but choose lightweight exercises and do them very fast in explosive way.

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