Hello! In this article I would like to share with you some concepts that come from Krav Maga founder.

When someone train Krav Maga, he has many possibilities of training: the instructor teach you some techniques with demonstrations and he asks you to do the same as he made. This is a “monkey” teaching: I show you the technique and you try to imitate the technique.

In my opinion this is not good. Why? If you go too fast in the way you learn techniques you don’t remember anything after many years. But if you train Krav Maga in the way we teach it (DVDs, books, lessons) you will remember even if you don’t train all your life.

So what’s the point? When you come and try to defense against knife attack (e.g. it is the daily technique) you make the right defense against the attack hundreds time. This doesn’t help you to execute the technique in the real life situation under pressure. Why? Because your brain doesn’t record the technique!

When you execute a very slowly movement your brain can record the situation: e.g. before the attack the opponent moves his shoulder, he moves his mouth, he closes his face… you don’t think about this but your brain yes! Your brain has recorded the body behavior of the opponent.

So the secret of Imi Lichtenfeld is when you train with a partner you have to ask him to attack you in the first times very very slowly in order your brain can record all the aspects of this technique and then it makes the defense without thinking!

Please if you think some Krav Maga techniques don’t work good and you apply a variation, don’t call your variation a Krav Maga technique but call it with your name. this is the respect for the founder of the Krav Maga system. So you can show the original technique and your variation. Maybe your variation is better but don’t call it Krav Maga. Respect the Krav Maga techniques and the Krav Maga program made by Imi Lichtenfeld!

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